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If you’re not satisfied with where your website is showing up in the search engines but are willing to spend a few hours and a few hundred dollars, we can help you.  You may not end up #1 in Google or Yahoo, but there is a good chance you can show up in the top 10 or at least on the first page of results in many of the major search engines.

Here is a simple explanation of the program.

  1. We show you how to improve link popularity.
  2. We suggest the best keywords.
  3. We show you how to improve keyword density and relevancy.
  4. We report your current position in the search engines based on keywords and provide new reports quarterly for one year.
  5. We suggest the best META tags.
  6. We suggest the correct image and alt tags.
  7. We submit your site to 1,000’s of search engines quarterly for one year.
  8. We audit features of your site that affect search engine ranking.


Sign up and receive FREE a complete COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS. Competitive Intelligence provides the means to monitor your competitors websites to identify their major traffic sources. You can find out which sites are responsible for sending traffic to their pages, including search engines and the search keywords used.

  1. Find out which sites send the most traffic to your competitors.
  2. What keywords drive the most traffic to competing sites?
  3. Identify search terms your competitors are advertising on.
  4. Identify the search terms and keywords that your competitors rank on.
  5. Identify the top Affiliate partners sending traffic to your competitors

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